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Shenzhen Zhongcheng Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.is a branch of Shenzhen Faith Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, and is a medical science and technology company established in February 2020 in response to the call of the state due to epidemic factors,and located at Senhainuo Technology Building, Number 1,De Zheng RD, Shi Long Community, Shi Yan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen, China. During epidemic that we have built branch for making epidemic prevention products.As an national medical protection system industry technology enterprises, We have about 300 employees that we can delivery your product on time,We have warehouse in Hong Kong China too that it doesn't need to customs clearance so that it will save a lot of time for delivery.

The company is mainly engaged in mask, medical equipment, disinfectant and other medical products. We have 5400 square meters production workshop.It has an international standard medical dust-free production workshop and three generations of advanced mask production equipment. Initial investment in three production lines, with a daily output of 300000 masks. In the future, production equipment and workshops will be increased successively, which is expected to reach 500000-800000 / day. In line with the responsible attitude, the company strictly controls the incoming materials of production and produces qualified standard masks. Win the epidemic!


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Contact: Lenny Zhang

Phone: +86 19875444450

Tel: +86 0755-23288890

Add: Senhainuo Technology?Building, Number 1,De Zheng RD, Shi Long Community, Shi Yan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen, China. Zip Code: 518108

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